Buying Oriental rugs

Buying an Oriental rug as an investment

The Oriental rug business thrives on making people believe that Oriental rugs are a good investment. That is a myth that is perpetuated even by reputable media (see articles in the Financial Times by Pamela Ryckman and investing in oriental rugs by Steve Price). The fact is if you buy an oriental rug today at retail price, you would not be able to resell it the next day for half that price. The only way an Oriental rug can be a good investment is if you buy it in the first place from a private owner for half the retail price.

Should you buy a new or a vintage Oriental rug?

The advantage of purchasing a new rug is that, well, it's new. It is clean, the wool is still springy and the colors are crisp. These features will generally last for more or less a year. Afterwards the rug stays in pretty much the same condition for a very long time, provided it is not abused. In fact, the rug grows more beautiful with time, as the colors lose their harshness and develop lovely nuances. In terms of value, you can procure an older rug for a fraction of the price of the new rug, although the price starts rising for antique rugs.

Tips for buying Oriental rugs

Identifying the type of Oriental rug that best fits your interior decor is only half the challenge. You still need to find the rug. We can help. Contact us for a free consultation.

What to watch for when buying an Oriental rug

Particular attention should be given to the quality of the material and craftsmanship (how fine the weave is, the quality of the dyes, the grade of the wool), the draughtmanship, the balance of design, the harmony of colors and, in the case of a vintage or antique rug, the condition of the rug.

Where to buy an Oriental rug

For new rugs, your local dealer is an obvious place to start. But nowadays the internet enables one to contact dealers across the country. Auction houses such as Sotheby's and Christie's could also be an option, although the sale in this case is final and the condition of the rug is not always reliable. For vintage or antique rugs, Serur's offers a very interesting alternative. Of course we at Oriental Rug Decor would love to get your business and search for a rug for you (please see Our Services).