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About Us 


We have a team of appraisers with a passion for Oriental rugs and interior decoration. They bring together a deep knowledge of Oriental rugs and connections to find the perfect rug for your home or office, at the lowest possible cost. 

Our goal when decorating with an Oriental rug is not just to match the decor, but to create a beautiful, inviting, and intimate atmosphere that fulfills your vision.

Our Appraisal Services


We offer consultation and appraisal services at every stage of the interior decoration process, whether you are still looking for an Oriental rug to match your interior or you need to appraise a specific rug you consider purchasing.

We guarantee our expertise will not only improve the result but also save you money. Our expert appraisers stand ready to help you acquire an Oriental rug of the highest quality, great beauty, and at a great price. Contact us.